About JAAQ.

Accessing information from reliable sources is crucial when trying to understand an illness. Once you understand it, you can start to deal with it.

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About JAAQ.

Here you can ask JAAQ Founder, Danny Gray, questions about this revolutionary way for people to have access to mental health topics; through the power of conversation.

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About JAAQ

About JAAQ.

Danny has always been open and honest about his mental health and how it’s impacted his life.

So, when customers from his other business, War Paint, came to him for support with their mental health, he was determined to help them.

He understood that when someone is experiencing a mental health problem, having access to suitable sources of information quickly and simply is crucial. Once you understand it, you can start to deal with it.

When he came across the technology that powers JAAQ, Danny immediately saw its potential. And during a restless night’s sleep, the idea for JAAQ was born. He then focused on making JAAQ a reality; with the aim to provide information to people that need it as soon as they need it.

JAAQ is a free website for anyone to ask leading mental health professionals and people with experience, questions about different topics.

This is a revolutionary way for people to have access to experts; through the power of conversation.

Whether it’s for yourself, wanting to support someone you know, or you’re just curious to understand better, JAAQ is here. Just ask a question.

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JAAQ can provide incredible insight into the mental health needs of people around the world – by sharing just a few anonymous details with us, you will be helping to make a difference.

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